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12 March, 2015

WiseSec launches mobile solution for smart home connectivity

Israeli startup WiseSec has launched bluetooth beacons the size of a pound coin that will enable users to control all of their infrared household devices from their smartphone.

TVs, DVD players and any other remote-controlled appliances are all now universally compatible using the WiseSec platform.

The system works from within 20 metres of the home or office but also includes a ‘network bridge’ option that enables people to access and control their devices from anywhere in the world.

And Vadim Maor, founder and CEO of WiseSec, said the launch was just part of his firm’s efforts to extend the use of bluetooth-based technology applications across both home and business.

He said:

“Mobile connectivity is increasingly defining how we live, as so many daily tasks and activities are carried out with the help of mobile devices.

“Our company has embraced this growing reality with the use of Bluetooth-based technology to facilitate keyless entry, mobile payments and banking applications.”

The firm joins a rabble of companies, including the likes of Google, Samsung and British Gas, who are seeking to offer consumers the ultimate in effortless smart home tech.

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