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Smart Cars

Self-driving cars are already on their way, and manufacturers are working tirelessly to incorporate more and more autonomous functions in new models. WiseSec’s micro-location accuracy and hack-protected mobile technology are crucial for manufacturers who want to be market leaders.

No GPS, No WiFi, No Driver

With sensors installed in the interior and exterior of the car as well as on the road, vehicles can stay in the correct lane, slow down for traffic jams, speed up when necessary and immediately come to a stop once they encounters a stoplight, another vehicle or a pedestrian. All this is achievable without human intervention. Self-driving cars can even park better than some humans!

With WiseSec’s technology, cars can be ‘smart’ without dependency on mobile or GPS networks. In other words, cars work regardless of the weather. Add micro-location accuracy of up to a few inches, and  the potential for accidents is further reduced.

Lower Costs, Less Thefts, Greater Experience

Our sensors can identify the driver who sits in the driver sit, and take control of his/her smartphone. We will take control of their smartphone and prevent the usage of SMS, typing or any hands on usage of the smartphone while driving the car. This way we can prevent any distraction for the driver while driving.

Sensors can be installed to recognize drivers’ mobile devices and open car doors once the owner is close enough to touch the vehicle. This feature can come in pretty handy with hands full of groceries or when keys can’t be found. These sensors can also help mobile phones effortlessly find cars in a busy parking lot.

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