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Public Transportation

Millions of customers board London’s Tube, Moscow’s Metro and New York City’s subway every day. Many of them use plastic card using RFID or NFC, an outdated payment system that can be easily breached. WiseSec is revolutionizing mobile experiences around the world, enabling the use of smartphones for payment and access to the terminal systems in public transportation.

Bluetooth to RFID or NFC that Improves Passengers’ Experiences and Saves You Money.

Plastic cards that passengers use employ RFID (radio frequency identification) or NFC will no longer needed when using WiseSec converter. When attaching our converter to the terminal payment, every customer will be able to pay at the terminal using just their smartphone .

WiseSec has found a way to make this transformation cost-efficient.

We execute this by adding a unique converter to a system. The converter will be a small unit attached on top of the terminal, so when customers tap the converter unit with their phones, our technology converts the signal so that the system can read it as if it was a conventional RFID card or NFC.

Keep Your Existing Infrastructure with WiseSec’s Patented Converter

Since the entire system does not require replacement – integration is carried out using what already exists – both passengers and shareholders can be made happy at a minimal cost.

Ready for Cutting-Edge Mobile Experiences at the Fraction of Standard Industry Costs?

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