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March 9, 2015

Why WiseSec Thinks It Can Make M-Pay Easier On Everyone

Everyone believes mobile payments are the next big thing. It’s just that no one quite knows when that next big thing is likely to take off, or what exactly it’s going to look like.Read the post here
March 5, 2015

WiseSec gets wise to smart homes

Israeli mobile solutions innovator, WiseSec, today announced the launch of a pioneering Internet of Things (IoT) product for the home or office that enables remote control of devices through a Bluetooth-enabled beacon and smartphone application.Read the post here
February 6, 2015

Israel's WiseSec Tunes Up Beacons to Predict a Shopper's Intentions

Mobile wallets are typically designed to be most useful at the point of sale. Israeli location-based technology vendor WiseSec sees an opportunity to extend a mobile app's utility throughout the store by using beacons that can sense how far away a shopper is.Read the post here
July 5, 2015

White Paper: Mobile Payments Security 101 – Featuring WiseSec

WiseSec's highly secure, Bluetooth-based mobile payments solution is highlighted in a Mobile Payments Today white paper that outlines how merchants and mobile payment service providers can protect their users against mobile payments fraud.Read the post here
October 8, 2015

White Paper: ATM and Mobile 101

This white paper from ATM Marketplace provides guidance for ATM deployers considering the integration of their ATM and mobile channels and highlights WiseSec's solution for ATM cash withdrawals with any smartphone.

Read the post here
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