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Now more than ever, retailers are being challenged to create unforgettable, personalized customer experiences. WiseSec is proud to introduce WiseBy which incorporates indoor micro-location capabilities, allowing retailers to effortlessly enrich customers’ mobile experiences while expanding retail profitability throughout the entire in-store shopping cycle.

Personalized In-Store Mobile Experience that Drives Sales

Promotional messages can be initiated when customers walk by a store, encouraging them to enter.

Once inside, customers can use indoor navigation to locate desired products without reliance on cellular networks or GPS services. The technology is robust, yet offers an easy-to-use administration console for comprehensive configuration and, when needed, operates smoothly outdoors.

Throughout their in-store experience, customers receive accurate promotional offers and product information on their mobile devices. Our location trigger accuracy is up to a few inches, so customers only receive promotional messages about products they’re already exploring. Once they step aside to another shelf, shoppers will receive a different message or be returned to the default screen.

If they need help, customers can alert store staff in predefined product locations without deviating from their shopping route.

Secure, Enjoyable Mobile Payment for the Customer and Advanced Data for the Retailer

When it’s time to pay, customers can trigger a mobile wallet by approaching the point of sale and tapping it. Our easily deployed, low-cost technology enables a bluetooth payment experience available to al smartphones in the market.

WiseSec experience is grounded in one of the world’s most complex defense institutions, so we take security seriously. WiseBy isn’t only comprehensively secure – it’s hack-protected.

Retail owners can enjoy beyond the customers’ revenue from purchases and the customer experiences, there is the dashboard management that provide the shopping activity data, including complete logs of in-store shopping routes. Awareness and analysis are key to making revenue-impacting changes.

Ready to Improve Customers’ Mobile Experience and In-Store Spending at an Affordable Price?

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