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Vadim Maor

Founder & CEO
Vadim Maor is an inventor at heart, and enjoys creating anything from complex algorithms to unique electronic circuits for various uses. Vadim is renowned for his entrepreneurship and development of innovative technological solutions in the field of data security and data leakage prevention (DLP). Vadim has more than 15 years of experience, fulfilling multiple security roles in the Israeli defense industry. He holds B.A. in Islam, Middle East, Military and Security from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a Program Developer diploma from the Technion Institute. In his free time, Vadim enjoys reading, watching thriller movies, and spending time with his family.

Guy Frak

Executive VP International Business
Guy Frak has joined Wisesec in September 2014 as Executive Vice President (EVP) of International Business. Mr. Frak has nearly 20 years of experience in senior executive management positions in international companies. Prior to joining Wisesec, Mr. Frak has served as the President of Mennen Medical, a leading international corporation operating within the international medical device arena, in which he was responsible for a wide range of mandates in the areas of operations, logistics, marketing, services, business development and sales.
Mr. Frak holds a BHS Degree in Business and Health Management from the Florida Atlantic University.

Aviv Meir

Aviv Meir has joined WiseSec in 2012 as Chief Operating Officer (COO), after 6 years of experience in the Israeli Defense industry where he has held various management and operation positions. Among those positions he was responsible for: service, corporate projects, leadership, general management, strategic planning and execution
Aviv Meir holds a BA Degree in Business Administration.

Gilad Granit

Gilad Granit has joined the company in 2011, and he has been a major part in the development and growth of WiseSec. Mr. Granit has established an impressive track record of global research and development of new technologies and product development while leading unique specialty teams to deliver successful and innovative solutions for customers in a variety of industries around the world.
Prior to joining WiseSec, Mr Granit has served in the IDF as a Practical Electronic Engineer.
Gilad Granit holds a BSC in Software Engineering and Practical Electronic engineering.

Boris Nishlyuk

Boris Nishlyuk has been with the company since the beginning, and has been a major part in the building and growth of WiseSec. As the company’s chief technology officer (CTO), Mr. Nishlyuk is responsible for the direction and management of the company’s engineering and technology operations. His responsibilities also include strategy, planning, engineering and implementation of next generation technologies and services across all business markets.
Boris Nishlyuk holds a BSC in computer Engineering from the Technion.

Tal Raveh

Tal Raveh has been with the company since the beginning. His responsibilities involve driving the traditional IT functions which include providing a long-term technology vision that supports and aligns with the company’s goals and strategies, business plans, operating requirements, and improving overall efficiencies.
Prior to joining WiseSec, Mr. Raveh served as the CTO of Netrun, a global company that develop a secure management information systems. In addition, he was responsible for the designing and development of a highly secure server farms that were used by all insurance companies in Israel. Mr. Raveh also served as a security advisor for the IDF, and managed several large integration projects at Ness technologies.
Tal Raveh holds a BSC in computer science.
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