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How it Works

WiseSec technology make complex ideas look simple. Integration is easier and more cost-effective than anything currently available. More importantly, these solutions redefine mobile experiences wherever they’re adapted.

Micro-Location Recognition and Monitoring

We install sensors in the home, office or facility that’s preconfigured to recognize certain mobile device applications. 

Once the sensors recognize a device connected with an application which authenticate itself with the server to verify that this is the right device and at the right place. Once confirmed, the sensors automatically activate given orders– be it to approve access to a door or authenticate in front of an ATM to withdraw cash. The application then provides valuable usage data for the client.

There’s no need to rely on cellular networks or GPS services to root devices’ operating systems or to change their ROM. Concerns regarding security breaches are also not an issues as this hack-free technology that comes with military grade security and encryption levels.

Advantages of Bluetooth Technology

With Bluetooth and micro-location based technology, we help create NFC-like experiences without the need for NFC infrastructure – helping to target a broader audience while fully committing to precision and security.

There are many advantages to BLE:

  • Compatible with any iOS and Android device (App and SDK).
  • Exists with 100% of smartphones, while NFC technology only applies to 35% of them.
  • Highly reliable, especially in comparison to NFC and other technologies.
  • Not dependent on Cellular or GPS networks.
  • Completely compatible with existing wireless networks.
  • Better customer experience that can be customized to meet business goals.
  • Location-based behavior – disable, automate or promote.
  • Enables an NFC-like experience, without the use of an NFC infrastructure and its cost.
  • Client devices require minimal user intervention and minimal battery consumption.
  • Can be connected to different power supplies.

Curious How these Technologies Can Help Transform Mobile Experiences?

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