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Hotels, resorts and casinos are designed to provide comfort, rest and relaxation – and a whole lot of pampering. WiseSec, a technology company on a mission to revolutionize mobile experiences and make life simpler, safer and more enjoyable, has developed a mobile device solution to cater to you.


Precise Device Recognition for Doors that Open Themselves

Originally developed for the world’s foremost defense and security institutions, WiseSec’s technology enables you to automatically open doors using mobile devices –without the need for keys or plastic cards. Low-cost and easily deployable in existing hardware, the technology doesn’t depend on cellular networks or GPS services.

Instead, our micro-location trigger delivers accuracy within inches. Doors will never open when parking your car or taking the elevator to your floor. They’ll only open when you’re close enough to touch them yourself or other proximity you desire.

Get the VIP Treatment Every Time

Our solution eliminates the need to approach the front desk, wait in line, and collect a room key, which is valuable for individual travelers and large groups alike. Guests can walk straight to their assigned room and open the door using their smartphone, and can immediately begin enjoying the facilities using their smartphone to access the fitness center, business center or concierge room.

We proud to say that our success rate in unlocking doors is a staggering 96%. By comparison, plastic key cards only function properly around 65% of the time.

Navigation and Hands-Free System Activation for Every Indoor Need

Large hotels can introduce indoor and outdoor navigation to help finding the right door or a specific restaurant in the hotel? – Plus send promotional messages that are micro-location-specific whenever guests go by the pool, restaurant, front desk or gift shop.

But if it’s hands-free activation you’re looking for, WiseSec opens a lot more than doors. The company’s solutions can automatically activate lights, TV’s, media players, air conditioners and anything else you can dream of. Our technology is robust and hack-protected, easy to use and limited by nothing but imagination.

Security & Business Intelligence Opportunities

Drawing on our distinguished security background, WiseSec’s solutions are encrypted, cyber-protected and tap-resistant. Users can have the option that requires to enter PIN codes prior to accessing the app, so even if phones are stolen or lost, devices cannot be used to break into rooms.

From a business standpoint, the opportunities truly are endless. Not only does our solution save time and manpower, but it also provides a dash-board with valuable data concerning when and how guests use the facility.

Are You Ready to Use Mobile in Revolutionizing the Hospitality Experience?

Contact us today and we’ll make sure your mobile device treats you like royalty.

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