WiseSec Ltd.


A Brief Account of Revolutionizing Secure Mobile Solutions

WiseSec was founded in 2011 by Vadim Maor, a renowned security expert who spent more than 15 years working in Israel’s defense industries.

An inventor at heart, Maor successfully executed multiple security roles and developed innovative technological solutions in the fields of data security and DLP, ultimately harnessing his unique expertise to establish WiseSec.

The privately-held company is redefining the future of mobile customer experiences for a wide spectrum of industries. Capitalizing on a creative, driven and highly skilled team, WiseSec serves the military and defense industries as well as the commercial sector by offering military-grade, proven solutions with a consumer focus.

The future shines bright with WiseSec's exceedingly secure, stable, scalable and accurate solutions, capable of conforming to any and all application requirements.

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