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Healthcare development is rooted in innovation and scientific advancements, yet the industry faces many challenges in incorporating next-generation technology due to outdated policies, limited budgets and a lack of concern for patients’ privacy.

WiseSec’s low-cost, hack-free technologies have been tested and proven by some of the world’s top defense, banking and hospitality entities – and can help improve healthcare services through mobile experiences.

Greater Access to Information that Saves Critical Moments and Prevents Fatal Errors

In the OR, doctors can use RFID cards or Bluetooth to access images, information and expert consultation in real time. Patients to recovery rooms can benefit from sensors or RFID chips installed in their bed to allow pre-approved medical staff access to critical information. Microchips in staff members’ ID cards can be used to allow or restrict information triggering.

Improve Patient and Family Experience

Redefining mobile experiences, WiseSec improves patient care from check-in to check-out.

Using our Bluetooth and micro with in-door location technology, patients and staff can use their smartphone to navigate with-in the hospital, and to get from point A to point B in the fastest way to save crucial time.

Also, staff will be able to open doors and accessing operating rooms, pharmacy, and any other department using only their smartphone to open the access doors. Each Staff member will have different permeation to access different doors depending on their one authorization  access. No longer there will be a need to use RFID cards in hospitals.

Ready to Save More Lives and Improve Patient Experiences?

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