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Mobile Payment

The financial world is moving forward with mobile banking, mobile wallets and mobile money. The WiseSec team has been redefining mobile experiences since 2011 and it knows it can help drive the financial industry forward, with our unique, secured Mobile Payment solution.

With robust, easily deployable, low cost technology, WiseSec isn’t just joining the revolution – it’s leading it.

Mobile Payment Transforms Customer Experience.

WiseSec dream was to create a Plug & Pay solution for the mobile payment world.

Customers no longer need coins, bills or even credit cards to make payments. Instead, they use NFC technologies, scanning QR codes or pinning their mobile device or other old fashion solutions.

On the other hand, our  Plug & Pay mobile payment technology is a solution that does not require any change in the existing infrastructure, changes to the software nor does it need any special installation. it is a straight forward technology that creates a special customer experience that comes along with high level of military grade encryption. All you need to do is to connect our device into a USB port on your cash register, and now you are ready to accept payment transaction from a smartphone.

The transaction is fast and takes merely seconds. Best of all, due to the fact that physical credit cards aren’t involved, there’s no risk of data leakage and theft. The customers maintain operative control and can monitor their payments with ease.

WiseSec’s Unprecedented Mobile Payment Patent That’s Set to Revolutionize the Industry

WiseSec’s technology enables micro-location identification using Bluetooth technology without dependency on WiFi or GPS networks. It offers comprehensive configuration and minimal user intervention.

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