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WiseSec’s robust, easily deployable technology helps banks create customer-centric mobile experiences that reduce inefficiencies create added value, increase trust, and boost revenue and overall operations. The options truly are endless with WiseSec’s technology solutions. Banks instantly profit from enhancing customer experience and appreciation with a friendly, intuitive consumer app.

Making In-Bank Experiences Easy and Friendly with Mobile

The moment customers walk into a bank – whether they’re visiting their regular branch or not – they are identified and validated through the bank’s servers simply be carrying their smartphones.

Personalized messages instantly assign a number in line – and are even capable of directing customers to their favorite representative – or help them skip the line entirely to use Bluetooth-operated kiosks to open accounts, check accounts, issue credit cards and apply for loans. If needed, customers can always use the bank’s app to request assistance.

Transforming Mobile Banking Outside the Bank

Speed and convenience don’t end when a customer leaves the bank. In fact, mobile banking becomes even better. Our innovative Cardless Cash withdraw from ATM solution is a ground breaking technology which allows customers to withdraw cash from an ATM using only their smartphone. The technology is set to offer an abundance of solutions, including integration for cardless ATMs. No longer customers will need to carry any ATM cards.

In this application, our sensors recognize customers that downloaded the bank’s app and save them the need to carry the ATM card. Once in front of the ATM, the customer will tap his/hers smartphone on the designated area on the ATM And enter their PIN for extra security, but our micro-location technology is so accurate that it can only be triggered when one is standing a few inches from the ATM. Waiting in line, even second in line, won’t activate the request for the customer’s PIN code.

Protect Your Interests with Military Grade Security and Encryption

WiseSec’s strong, proven security background ensures zero data leakage. Our technologies, which have been tested by the Israeli Defense Industry, are encrypted, cyber-protected and specifically designed to resist tapping into the data.

Ready to Redefine Mobile Banking?

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