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The defense and enterprise security industries have benefited greatly from technological advancement – yet these developments have led to exposure of new types of risks. WiseSec’s state of the art product,CelluSec, offers micro-location-based security policy enforcement for mobile devices.

Your Secret Weapon for Security Management

CelluSec restricts or disables device peripherals and functions that are normally perceived as security threats in order to prevent sensitive, restricted or classified data leakage. It doesn’t require you to root devices’ operating systems, change their ROM or even swipe.

Enforcing micro-location-based policy, the CelluSec security protocol can affect both workers’ and visitors’ abilities to use one or more mobile device functions while in a facility or a designated zone within. The smart device’s camera, microphone, data network, WiFi connection, Bluetooth connection, GPS, incoming and outgoing calls, incoming and outgoing SMS messages, or any other application running on the device can be restricted or disabled.

Robust Technology Created by Security Experts for the World’s Top Security Facilities and Agencies

Once installed, our device dynamically enforces policy requirements. It’s capable of handling complex tampering attempts, such as spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks, DDOS attacks, uninstall attempts, mobile fraud attacks, cyber attacks and many more types of strikes.

Equipped with a robust Command & Control administration console and real-time interruptive emergency messaging, our platform operates in both indoor and outdoor environments. The foremost location-based mobile security platform in the market, CelluSec offers the most highly accurate enforcement in the industry without relying on cellular networks or GPS services.

Created by security leaders with decades of experience working for the Israeli Security Industry and the Israel Defense Forces amid the world’s most complex defense struggles, CelluSec is used by top security facilities and agencies.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Micro-Location-Based Security Policy Enforcement?

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